Welcome to the Great Books for Gifted Kids Wikispace!

The goal of this wiki is to provide teachers of gifted and talented students a place to start when looking for great books for gifted kids. Here you'll find suggested books and information about those books. In addition, I hope teachers will post or link to great lesson plans using the books suggested here.

Feel free to link, discuss, comment, and add pages on books you suggest.To be included here, a book must:
  1. feature a character who exhibits gifted and talented characteristics
  2. deal with some issue that gifted children often face.
    It also helps if it's a book of high quality, such as award winners.

When you add a page about a book, be sure to add it to Summary Chart called The Books! in the navigation bar. That's how others will find it.

Each individual book page should include the following, if possible:
Publisher & Date:
  • Ages:
  • Type (picture, chapter, young adult, adult):
  • Length:
  • Themes (issues related to gifted, e.g. asynchrony, peers, introversion, sensitivity, intensity, perfectionism):
Main Character(s):
Bibliotherapy question:
Personal recommendation:
Links to lessons:
Other: (e.g.: Wordle, links to author interview, student book review)
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