Title: Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets
Author: Barbara Esham
Illustrators: Mike and Carl Gordon
Publisher: Mainstream Connections, 2008

Ages: Elementary students
Type: Picture book with well written text
Length: 30 pages
Categories: Managing curiosity and a high energy level in the classroom

Main Character (s):
David Sheldon - about 10 years old, an imaginative, gifted student
Mrs. Gorski- David's teacher
David's parents

People's Choice

Personal recommendation:
I think this is a great book for a high energy G/T student. It relates a problem that an active student would identify with, and offers some possible solutions. I especially liked the way the main character used his strengths to help himself come up with a solution to his problem of being too active and unfocused in the classroom. The book shows an understanding of some of the issues that might cause difficulties for a G/T child, while at the same time respecting that child's abilities to be part of the solution.

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Posted by: Patty Cordrey