Mirette on the High Wire

By: Emily Arnold McCully

1992, Putnam's Sons

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  • Ages: 4-8
  • Type: picture
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Catergories: Curiosity, Courage, Persistent, Resourcesful

Main Character(s): Mirette and Great Bellini

Reviews: Mirette and the "Great Bellini" traverse the Paris skyline on high wire in
the climactic scene of this picture book about conquering fear. The two meet
at Mirette's mother's boarding house, where Bellini is staying with a troupe of traveling performers. Mirette persuades Bellini to teach her his art, and soon enough the two are performing above the rooftops of Paris. While Mirette gets
to step outside her daily routine of peeling potatoes and scrubbing floors, Bellini manages to reaffirm his mastery. The story affords a spunky, down-to-earth role model for readers who like to dream big dreams. It also offers rich, scenic portraits
of 19th century Paris. The book won the 1993 Caldecott Medal.
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Personal Recommendation: This is a great book to help children face their fears.

Links to Lessons: 2nd Grade Science Unit SBISD

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Reviews & Awards:

Notable/Best Books (A.L.A.)
Caldecott Medal/Honor 01/01/93
Publishers Weekly
Christian Library 03/01/97
School Library Journal starred
Elementary School Library Collection 03/01/98
Wilson's Children 10/01/06