Millicent Min, Girl Genius

by Lisa Yee


2003, Scholastic


  • Ages: 8 -12
  • Type: Young adult novel
  • Length: 248 pgs
  • Categories (Tags): Friendship, Highly Gifted, Asynchrony

Main Character(s):

  • Millicent - 11 years old, high school student, highly gifted
  • Emily - 11 years old, average student, mom is a famous journalist


Personal Recommendation:

This was a fun book. Millicent is a highly gifted kid who is taking a college class for fun over the summer, along with volleyball (her mom signed her up despite her objections). She hasn't really had friends before, rather kids who tried to take advantage of her in some way - though she was blissfully unaware of it for the most part. She makes a true friend and she learns a lot about friendship. It's a delightful look into the asychronous life of a highly gifted pre-teen. Millicent collects information and processes it like an adult, but doesn't have the life experiences to use adult judgement. (L. Breedlove)

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