July 27, 2010 Workshop Documents and Links


Google Docs (Please note that these are currently only available within the SBISD domain in Google Apps)

Connections Beyond the Classroom

Thank you to the contributers who participated in the July 27, 2010 workshop via web 2.0 tools. We appreciate your contributing to our learning and discussion on great books for gifted kids.
  • Jill Proehl - who provided us a terrific list of biographies and historical fiction
    • @MomsL8 on Twitter
    • MomsL8 on Skype
  • Carrie Page - who discussed what she sees as a high school GT facilitator
    • Carrie Page on Skype
  • B.J. Hampton - who introduced us to WiZiQ and shared a host of terrific titles
    • @GiftedLibrary
12:35 - 12:50 pm BJ Hampton - confirmed; via WiZiQ