In the Name of the Moon
by Cherie A. Hart
Publisher & Date: AuthorHouse 2004 and Amazon Kindle 2012
  • For ages 9-12
  • Middle-reader or Young Adult
  • 211 pages

Main Character(s):
  • Name(s): Selena and Christopher
  • Age(s): 10 and11
Reviews: In the Name of the Moon weaves together, in an understandable and entertaining way, basic concepts about the solar system, such as eclipses and orbits, and a story about believing in yourself even when your goals seem out of reach. During the story, Selena and Christopher gain self-confidence in their own ways: learning to trust their own abilities to affect the worlds around them, facing their fears, and realizing that they are more than other people's definitions of them. In the Name of the Moon conveys positive values in relationships with family, classmates, politicians, and the environment. It will be enjoyed by both girls and boys, especially those with a love of science.
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